Divorce For Business Owners
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Protecting Your Business Assets During Divorce

Business owners face distinct challenges when they are engaged in property division negotiations during their divorce. If you are pursuing or considering a divorce, it is critical to partner with a legal professional who can help you address these challenges and protect your investment.

Since 2007, our team at Jabro Law Group has provided strategic counsel to clients struggling with complex family law problems. We are led by Michael Jabro, a skilled attorney and seasoned certified public accountant (CPA). Drawing on attorney Jabro’s legal and financial background, we are able to find solutions that allow you to secure a favorable outcome when your divorce proceedings end.

How California’s Property Division Laws May Affect You

Couples divorcing in California need to abide by its community property laws, which require parties to divide shared assets, property and debt equally. As a business owner, you may be affected by these laws if you:

  • Used shared funds to purchase your business
  • Owned your business before your marriage but used shared funds to support your enterprise during your marriage

Your spouse may be entitled to receive a portion of your business if you relied on your family’s savings to purchase assets or property or pay business expenses.

Taking proactive measures, such as signing a prenuptial agreement, partnership agreement or buy/sell agreements, can help you retain your business assets when you divorce. When you hire us, we will review your business documents to determine ownership rights before we engage in negotiations.

We can help you identify which assets and property should be categorized as community property and which should be considered separate property. During negotiations, we will aggressively assert your property rights so that you receive fair terms.

Helping You Identify What Your Business Is Worth

Whether you are the sole proprietor of your business or share it with your estranged spouse, a business valuation can affect your financial future. Our team is equipped to provide your business’s fair market value by examining factors that include:

  • Your business’s earnings and obligations
  • Your business’s market share and stock value
  • Your business’s assets, physical property and intellectual property

As a former auditor of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and business law attorney, Mr. Jabro is well-versed in the approaches used to determine a business’s worth and can support his valuation with compelling evidence.

In and out of court, we are ready to defend your interests so that you are in a position to succeed when your divorce concludes.

Begin Developing Your Strategy Today

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