Stay safe on your motorcycle this summer
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Stay safe on your motorcycle this summer

| May 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

More traffic on the road during the summer months results in a higher accident risk. The increased danger of serious accident injury especially impacts motorcycle riders, who head to the highways in increasing numbers as warm weather arrives.

Review these California motorcycle laws and safety recommendations to reduce your risk of a debilitating motor vehicle accident.

Take a safety course

The Basic Rider Course from the Department of Motor Vehicles provides valuable safety training for new riders. California mandates this class for riders younger than 21 and recommends it for all riders. A Premier Course offers more advanced rider training.

Abide by traffic laws

California requires motorcyclists to follow the same laws as other drivers. However, only motorcycles may “lane split,” or pass other vehicles in the same lane. Drive defensively at a safe speed for weather conditions.

Avoid impaired or fatigued driving

Remember that operating a motorcycle can be physically tiring. Plan to take breaks when you ride, especially on long trips. Never ride your motorcycle after drinking or taking drugs.

Stay in sight

Stay out of drivers’ blind spots and remain as visible as possible, especially at intersections and when changing lanes. Keep a generous amount of space around your bike so you have enough time to react to unexpected moves and the room to move around obstacles if you have to do so. Select a lane position where you can get out of the way when necessary but still stay within sight of drivers.

Following these strategies can reduce your risk of a serious motorcycle accident this summer.