What do you know about racial microaggressions in the workplace?
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What do you know about racial microaggressions in the workplace?

| Feb 9, 2021 | Firm News

While you may not face direct racial discrimination or harassment in your California workplace, you still sometimes feel like you work in a hostile environment. Could racial micoaggressions be why you feel the way you do? 

Forbes explains three different microaggressions. Decide whether you may have a case to turn over to a legal professional. 


If a coworker makes a comment that dismisses, excludes or discredits an individual based on that person’s race, that comment becomes a microinvalidation. The person making the comment may deny its racist implications. An example of this form of microaggression is a white employee asking an Asian-American coworker how she or he speaks English so well. This paints non-white employees as “forever foreigners,” even if they never live outside the U.S. 


A microinsult is when a person acts in a way that belittles another’s race through displays of insensitivity and discourtesy. Verbal and non-verbal displays of microinsults exist, and a person may know that she or he engages in the microaggression. An example of a microinsult is implying that an employee of color only earned her or his position within the company because of affirmative action. 


When employees intentionally use racist language, behavior or symbols, they engage in microassaults. An example is a worker mocking an employee of color’s accent or displaying a confederate flag on a desk. A person may also make a racist joke knowing that the humor relies on racist rhetoric or stereotypes. 

You do not deserve to work in a hostile environment. Do not overlook displays of discrimination, not matter how minor they may be.