What are some signs of road rage?
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What are some signs of road rage?

| Feb 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving on highways or crowded roads may be stressful, but dealing with another driver with road rage can make a commute even more frustrating than before.

Noticing the signs of road rage in others can help you avoid tricky situations and possible vehicle crashes.

Tailgating and speeding

According to Psychology Today, many people with aggressive intentions may follow your car closely to intimidate you. This is also known as tailgating, and it can cause serious car accidents.

If a driver is going far over the speed limit or cutting road corners in order to follow you, it increases the likelihood of a crash. Not leaving a safe following distance is dangerous. You should avoid any driver who appears aggressive or impatient as best you can.

Yelling and gesturing at you

Many drivers also scream obscenities at other drivers while in a fit of rage. Swearing, repeatedly honking the horn and flashing high beams at others are all rude and distracting gestures, and can easily contribute to a crash.

You may notice some people staring out their car windows and mouthing words while driving, which is a way aggressive drivers try to scare you. In extreme situations, someone may even stop his or her car and exit the vehicle to berate you up close.

Disregarding road signs

A driver with road rage will often purposefully run red lights or ignore stop signs in order to intimidate another person. This blind rage can also cause people to run over curbs or drive off the road. Road rage takes many forms, but learning to notice the warning signs of an aggressive driver can help you while driving.