Reckless driving behaviors that lead to truck accidents
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Reckless driving behaviors that lead to truck accidents

| Jan 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Due to the sheer number of motorists on the roads, is no surprise that truck accidents are on the rise. Collisions between cars, SUVs, passenger cars and trucks often occur quickly and unexpectedly. Trucks are significantly larger than most passenger vehicles and the dangers of collision are often catastrophic for the victims. 

Truckers must adhere to stricter driving laws and rules than traditional motorists. Some truck operators and passenger vehicle drivers engage in reckless behaviors that endanger themselves and everyone else on the roads with them. Below are a few of the most common reckless causes of car and truck accidents. 


To make driving a more interesting task, some drivers use distractions to help occupy their minds. This type of behavior is reckless and drastically impacts the ability of drivers to safely maneuver or stop their vehicles. It also makes more challenging for other motorists to avoid hazards and others that put them at risk. 


Many truck operators and regular motorists spend long hours on the roads. Driving for long hours without proper preparation or rest stops can cause drivers to become drowsy. The more severe the sleep deprivation, the higher the likelihood of driving errors, poor judgment and a shorter response time to potentially avoid car and truck collisions. Drowsiness can range from minor short-term lapses in consciousness to slumber while behind the steering wheel. 


Driver impairment is an issue that affects all motorists, not just truckers. Impairment often occurs from the use of medications and substances like alcohol that interfere with a driver’s motor and cognitive control. The use of some medications is necessary for some motorists. However, truckers and regular drivers must exercise caution and responsible judgment before getting behind the wheel after using medications. Though the use of unlawful drugs or substances while driving is prohibited, it still remains an unfortunate cause of many motor vehicle accidents involving trucks.