Do you have one of these delayed auto accident injuries?
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Do you have one of these delayed auto accident injuries?

| Jul 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

Your recent accident left your car a bit dinged, but you feel fine. You want to pursue the at-fault party for damages to your vehicle, but should you also wait a bit to see if you experience delayed injury symptoms?

To help you determine the extent of your auto accident case, see what KTAR News says about delayed injury symptoms. You may need to seek more compensation than you realize.

Shifts in physical functionality or personality

Keep a close eye on your vision, mood, personality, mobility and thinking in the days following your accident. Any shifts could point to signs of a traumatic brain injury or concussion. You could also experience depression.

Abdominal swelling or pain

A swollen or painful abdomen and deep bruising after a motor vehicle accident both point to potential internal bleeding. Even if you do not notice either symptom, you could experience dizziness or fainting, two additional indications of internal bleeding.


Rather than physical, your post-accident injuries could be mental and/or emotional. PTSD often manifests as flashbacks of the accident and reliving the event in your mind multiple times. You may have nightmares about the accident or have troubling recollections of the event, both of which also point to PTSD.


In the days following your accident, you may experience headaches. Take your headaches seriously, as they may indicate a neck or head injury, concussion or blood clot.

Pay close attention to your body and mind in the days and weeks following your car accident. That headache or pain in your neck may be more than just stress.